Our Businesses

At CORE Sarl, our diverse range of activities reflects our commitment to driving progress, innovation, and positive change across various sectors. Our versatile portfolio of services includes:

Our Specialities

1. Support for Restructuring Processes

  • Assisting organizations in navigating and implementing successful restructuring initiatives.

2. Support for Organizational Reforms (Public or Private Sector)

  • Enabling transformation and reform efforts for both public and private sector entities.

3. Resource Mobilization

  • Helping clients mobilize the necessary resources for their projects and initiatives.

4. Recruitment and Placement of Personnel for Third Parties

  • Identifying and placing talented individuals to meet the workforce needs of our clients.

5. Project Implementation Strategy

  • Crafting effective strategies to ensure the successful execution of projects.

6. Development of Human Capital

  • Investing in the growth and development of human resources within organizations.

7. Exploitation of Printing and Literary Works

  • Engaging in publishing and literary endeavors to promote knowledge and creativity.

8. Carrying Out Opinion Polls in All Forms

  • Conducting surveys and polls to gather valuable insights and data.

9. Communication, Marketing, and Advertising for Third Parties

  • Creating impactful campaigns and strategies to connect with target audiences.

10. Exploitation of Media in All Forms – Leveraging various media formats to communicate messages effectively.

11. Subcontracting in All Its Forms – Collaborating with partners and subcontractors to achieve project goals.

12. The Organization of Events – Planning and executing a wide range of events to create memorable experiences.

13. Consulting in Business Creation and Management – Providing expert guidance in starting and managing businesses.

14. Cleaning – Delivering professional cleaning services for cleanliness and hygiene.

15. Private Security – Ensuring the safety and security of individuals and assets.

16. The Hotel Industry in All Its Forms – Offering diverse lodging experiences within the hospitality sector.

17. Lottery and Games of Chance in All Its Forms – Engaging in various forms of lottery and chance-based entertainment.

18. Agriculture, Fishing, and Livestock in All Forms – Contributing to food production and resource management in agriculture, fishing, and livestock sectors.

19. Public Transportation in All Forms – Facilitating accessible and efficient transportation options for communities.

20. Import and Export – Engaging in a wide range of import and export activities, including industrial, agricultural, movable, and real estate operations.

Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices guides us in every endeavor. At CORE Sarl, we are committed to partnering with our clients and communities to achieve shared success and progress.

Explore our services in detail and discover how we can collaborate to drive positive change and growth in your projects and initiatives.