Congo Réformes Sarl (CORE Sarl)

Headquarters: No.17, Avenue LONDALA, Quartier Beau-Vent, Commune of Lingwala, City of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Our Versatile Reach: Our head office serves as the heart of our operations. We have the flexibility to establish administrative headquarters, branches, purchasing offices, agency depots, and operating headquarters at any location, both within and beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo, driven by the decisions of our Management Committee.


Our Purpose:

At CORE Sarl, our purpose is multifaceted and diverse, reflecting our commitment to driving progress and innovation across various sectors. Our comprehensive scope includes:

  • Support for restructuring processes
  • Support for organizational reforms in the public or private sector
  • Resource mobilization
  • Recruitment and placement of personnel for third parties
  • Project implementation strategy
  • Development of human capital
  • The exploitation of printing and literary works
  • Carrying out opinion polls in all forms
  • Communication, marketing, and advertising for third parties
  • The exploitation of media in all forms
  • Subcontracting in all its forms
  • The organization of events
  • Consulting in business creation and management
  • Cleaning
  • Private security
  • The hotel industry in all its forms
  • Lottery and games of chance in all its forms
  • Agriculture, fishing, and livestock in all forms
  • Public transportation in all forms
  • Import and export

Our wide-ranging services encompass all financial operations, be it industrial, agricultural, movable, or real estate, directly or indirectly linked to the above objectives or any similar or related endeavors.


CORE Sarl is overseen by one or more individuals, chosen from our partners or external experts, serving five-year terms. The appointment of managers during the company's life is determined by a majority vote, representing more than half of the shares.

Current Manager: Mr. MUSHAMALIRWA BISIMWA OSCAR, who has graciously accepted this role for a five-year term. The manager may resign from their mandate, providing adequate notice of at least three months, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or hand-delivered letter against receipt. The manager's position is revocable by decision of the partners representing more than half of the shares.

We Plan Before Do.

At CORE Sarl, we combine our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to contribute positively to the development and progress of our communities, clients, and partners. Join us in shaping a better future.