Congo Réformes Sarl


Exploring Our Business World

At Congo Réformes Sarl (CORE Sarl), we are more than just a company - we are a force of positive change and progress. With our headquarters located in the vibrant city of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, CORE Sarl has established itself as a versatile and dynamic organization.

Our Purpose

Our mission extends across a diverse spectrum of services, including supporting organizational reforms, resource mobilization, recruitment, project implementation strategy, human capital development, and much more. We are committed to driving excellence and innovation in every facet of our operations.



The company is managed by one or more natural persons, chosen from among the partners or outside them. They are appointed for a period of five years. The appointment of managers during the company’s life is decided by a majority of more than half of the shares.
The following is appointed manager of the company: Mr. MUSHAMALIRWA BISIMWA OSCAR, who accepts.
The manager is appointed for a period of 5 years. The manager may resign from his mandate, but only by notifying each of the partners at least 3 months in advance, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or hand-delivered letter against receipt. The manager is revocable by decision of the partners representing more than half of the shares.


Discover Our Businesses

Integrity, innovation, and inclusivity are the cornerstones of our values. We believe in fostering lasting partnerships, fostering economic growth, and making a positive impact on society as a whole.

The exploitation of printing and literary works.

Specializing in the production and distribution of printed materials, including books, magazines, and literary content. We bring words to life through publishing and dissemination.

Communication, marketing and advertising for third parties.

Crafting tailored communication strategies, innovative marketing campaigns, and impactful advertising solutions on behalf of clients. We help businesses connect with their audiences effectively.

The exploitation of media in all forms.

Leveraging the full spectrum of media formats, from print and digital to audio and video, to deliver compelling content and messages. We harness the power of media to engage and inform.

The organization of events.

Meticulous planning and seamless execution of a wide range of events, from corporate conferences to social celebrations. We create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Cleaning Services.

Committed to maintaining clean and sanitized environments in homes, businesses, and public spaces. Our expert cleaning services ensure health, comfort, and cleanliness.


Other Businesses

Hotel Industry:

A diverse array of lodging experiences, from luxurious hotels to cozy bed-and-breakfasts. We offer exceptional hospitality and amenities for travelers and guests.

Agriculture, fishing and livestock in all forms:

Engaged in the cultivation of crops, the responsible management of livestock, and sustainable fishing practices. We contribute to food production and resource conservation.

Public transportation in all forms:

Facilitating accessible and efficient transportation solutions for communities through various modes, such as buses, trains, trams, and more. We keep people moving smoothly.